Är tejpbitar (fotografisk) konst?

Den här väggen kan beskådas vid en uttagsautomat. En anslagstavla för tejpbitar.


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  1. #1 av Minis på 07 april 2011 - 11:29

    Hi, Barbro,
    Just pieces of tape by themselves are not art, just objects. They become art if they do give rise to any analogy and feeling in our own minds. If the analogies and feelings are universal than the art is classical :) right?

    Your picture is interesting, though that blue line on the right really bothers me. i would want to have this picture cropped to square, probably, pieces of tape do not form well pronounced pattern or shape or anything, at least i do not see it (yet), so probably this piece of art is not classical (yet). Cheers!

    • #2 av Barbro på 07 april 2011 - 13:34

      hi Minis!
      ”They become art if they do give rise to any analogy”
      True! or a story of some kind.


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