The bridge


The velvet black darkness, both delight and frighten
There is, an unconditional softness
The dragon exist in the dark as a reminder
Am I going to be devoured by his force
and be spit out like a kernel
Rebirth and death come from same source
Remembrance of what I once was are the white shoes.
by yellowgreywolf


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  1. #1 av Minis på 05 februari 2011 - 0:11

    Hi, Barbro, I actually had to come back to read the poem several times, and at last i think it’s cool.
    The picture is quite interesting with all those elements almost like painting. Cheers!

    • #2 av Barbro på 06 februari 2011 - 15:17

      That poem, yes of the dragon existence.. it’s still there.


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